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Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Japan School Girls Uniforms are very famous nowadays and have turned into a fashion style. Today Japan Girls are not only wearing the school uniforms on the school, but also still wear it on the street as a fashion icon.

Japanese school girls love their school uniforms, and they normally wear them after school as well as at weekends. Wearing a school uniform to go shopping is almost mandatory in Japan .In Japan it's also common to see schoolgirls on trains and buses. School girls can often face a long commute to and from school. Commuting time is usually used to catch up on home work or to sleep. In Japan sleeping on trains is very common!

As a fashion, Japan School Girl uniforms have evolved a lot. We can mixed the uniforms with another accessories. Usually a girl can either buy a complete school uniform for leisure wear, or buy mix-and-match pieces to assemble a custom seifuku.

Japanese Sailor Uniform

A typical Japanese schoolgirl would have a short skirt, blouse with what is called the sailor collar (think Sailor Moon!) and long loose socks.

Japanese school girls often wear plaid skirts in a variety of patterns. Tartan patterns are very popular. Needless to say, girls like their skirts to be very short!

Japanese School Girl Uniform Sailor
Japan School Girl Uniform Sailor model Black Colour
Japanese School Girl Uniform Sailor
Japan School Girl Uniform Sailor model White Colour

Buy Japanese School Girl Uniform

A place and website which is very recommended to buy Japanese School Girl uniform is Conomi. We can find so complete school uniform outfit, start from skirt, bag, cardigan, sweater, shirt, ribbon, necktie, socks, until sailor uniform. Another website is cecile which sell online retail.

Japanese School Girl Uniform

Japanese School Girl Uniform

Japanese School girl in anime and cosplay

Japanese school girl uniform is very popular not only for the fashion but also in anime and cosplay outfit. The cute and sexy things out from the outfit are the selling point from the uniform. Don't forget many Japan Girls are beauty and has an innocent pure face, thus make it so perfect in wearing the uniform. The schoolgirl image may appeal to women because it allows them to project a more youthful, innocent, or virginal image.

School Uniforms now turn into a fetish item. Various style of school uniform are widely used in Japan Otaku (idol) culture and Japan Adult industry. A lot of anime, manga, and dojinshi also featuring characters in sailor uniform.

Japanese School Girl Uniform
Azumi Harusaki Japan Gravure Idol in uniform

Japanese School Girl Uniform Kyoko Fukada
Japan Idol Kyoko Fukada in School Uniform

Japanese School Girl Uniform
Japan Sexy model Leah Dizon stunning her beauty in uniform

Watch Japanese School girl uniform video here

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