Japan Recycled Kimono Bra Straps

Senin, 09 Agustus 2010

Recycled Kimono Bra Straps

Boring with your conventional bra straps ? Try the new style of Japan Bra Straps. Japan bra straps are famous for its cuteness and sexy design. Now we can spice up our convertible bras with Recycled kimono bra straps.

Don't close your eyes with recycled things. Every recycled goods can be used if we use our innovative thinks. Recycled Kimono Bra Straps are made with authentic Japanese kimonos from the 70′s and 80′s. Each piece is cast in clear acrylic polymer to preserve and display the unique swath of fabric. Due to the singular nature of these rings, colors and fabric patterns will vary. Ring measures approximately 0.5″ W at its widest point (1.3 cm).

Recycled Kimono Bra Straps are designed by Joe Wayno and handmade in Japan, each one is made from surplus kimono fabric from the 70s and 80s. (Kimono fabrics were still being produced in Japan even though few people were still wearing kimonos after World War II.)

Each print is unique and features a beautiful ornamental design characteristic to kimono fabric. Easy to use, simply replace the straps on your convertible bra, strapless bra, swimsuit or tube top with these cool kimono straps. A subtle way to accessorize and make an ordinary garment much more fun!

The history of this Kimono Bra Straps are how Japanese youth mix and match traditional kimono material with their fashion. It turns out that there is a surplus of kimono fabric in Japan. After WWII, kimono wearers became a minority in Japan, but the fabric was still produced. Joe purchased excess bolts of overstocked kimono fabric from the 70s and 80s and has been designing his own line of traditional-meets-modern accessories ever since. Handmade in Japan.

Recycled Kimono Bra Straps


SIZE: 10" - 18" L; adjustable.

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