Make Up like Ayumi Hamasaki’s Doll-like Eye Look

Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Ayumi Hamasaki (浜崎 あゆみ) may be one of the most famous Japanese female singer in this era. Her albums and songs always become a top chart single in Japan Oricon chart and Asia. Ayumi is the diva of Japan.

Ayumi Hamasaki's influence goes beyond music; she is often considered a fashion icon and trend-setter. Her fans always try to imitate what Ayumi wears, which comestics does Ayumi use, until how to become Ayumi herself. But the most iconic symbol of Ayumi is her big eyes, a pair of eyes like a lively doll.

When I hear Ayumi Hamasaki, I think of big, bright doll eyes with long lashes. She keeps the rest of her face very natural, and her almond eyes really stands out.

The most things that Ayumi's fans always like to imitate is how to make a eyes like Ayumi's eyes. How to use the make up to become Ayumi's doll-like eye.

Here is the tips for those who want to imitate Ayumi Hamasaki's doll eyes.

Items needed:

- 1 eyeshadow palette (using Coffret D‘or Shine Accent Eyes)
- Eyebrush (you can choose to use those which come with the palette)
- Liquid eyeliner ( Lavshuca Slim Line Liner)
- Mascara ( Fiberwig Mascara) Or Fake eyelashes
- Mascara Finisher ( Fiberwig Finisher) Or Fake eyelashes

No falsies, no liquid liner. To create the false eyelash look, you can use Imju Fiberwig mascara on top of Majolica's mascara.
For the dark eyeliner, use Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Zero. It's VERY pigmented.

You can line your waterline with Stila's Topaz. Find that Topaz gives the same effect as a white liner, but it looks more natural.
Use only 2 shadows today! - All that glitters & Woodwinked
And Use all That Glitters all over the lid and then Woodwinked at the outer corner and lower lash line.
For cheeks, you can try to kept it simple with Nar's Luster (very nice peachy colour)

Here are the brief instructions for Ayumi Hamasaki's doll eyes make up way :

Step 1
Use the thick eye brush to dap onto hightlight color A and brush the color from your browbone to your eyelid.

Step 2
Use the thick eye brush to dap onto eyeshadow eyeshadow B and brush from your eyelid to midway upwards. Remember to blend the colors nicely.

Step 3
Use the thin line brush to dab on eyeshadow color C and brush your eyelids with it.

Step 4
You may wish to use gel color liner D and draw a thin line on the bottom eye line. Keep the line as close to your underlids as possible. You may skip this skip too if you wish to keep the look simple.

Step 5
Apply Lavshuca Liquid eyeliner closely to your lash area and also slowly apply the eyeliner to your bottom eye line. For the bottom eyeline, start from the end of your eye corners and move it inwards. Draw up to 1/3 length.

Step 6
If you administer the gel color liner to your bottom eye line, blend the eyeliner and the gel color smoothly with a brush. Do not be too aggressive in your blending action to prevent a blotting mark. What you wish to achieve is a nice blended smoky effect.

Step 7
Use the gel color D to draw a nice V-shaped on the inner corners of your eyes for highlighting.

Step 8
Curl your eyelashes and apply Fiberwig mascara to them. For a more dramatic eyelashes effect, add on the Fiberwig finisher to your lashes. Alternatively, you may choose to put on fake eyelashes.

You have completed Ayumi Hamasaki’s doll-like eye effect! Hope you like the look.

Ayumi Hamasaki Doll Eyes
Ayumi Hamasaki, Japanese Diva famous for her doll eyes

Ayumi Hamasaki Makeup
Step by step how to make up like Ayumi Hamasaki doll eyes

Ayumi Hamasaki Cosmectis Makeup

Make Up Cosmetics to use for imitating Ayumi Hamasaki's doll eyes

Watch Ayumi Hamasaki inspired makeup tutorial video here

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