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Selasa, 18 Mei 2010

Japan is famous for its unique and cute fashion style. Everythings come into Japan will be modified into a very unique and stylish model, including the bra.

Bra, Panties, or woman undergarments are not only a daily wearing for Japanese woman, but also for fashion and style purpose. Most of Japanese bra are in cuties and fashionable, showing the high creativity of Japanese people.

Not only woman buy bra in Japan, but also even a boyfriend can buy a bra as a gift for her girlfriend.

One of Popular Japan branded bra is Triumph. Triumph actually is a division German Lingerie Company, but the products are very Japanese after come into Japan Market. This means they go over the top, as it were, to attract attention to their products and cleverly assocaite them with the latest popular cause. Here are 8 of their most outrageous bizarre bra examples :

1) The Warmbiz Heated Bra: No Chest Colds Here!
The Warmbiz Heated Bra

In an effort to save energy, Japan's government set up Coolbiz and Warmbiz campaigns to encourage businesses and workers to dress appropriately for the season: no neckties for men in summer, for example. I doubt they expected The Warmbiz Heated Bra to come along, but we're glad nonetheless! This comfy-looking faux fur number features microwavable gel pads that can be slipped into the bra cups to provide warmth in chilly offices. Of course, just wearing corduroy pants and woolly sweaters would be much more warming, but how much fun would that be? Speaking of fun, here's an informative video that shows the gel pads being heated and installed...

2) The Voter Turnout Liftup Bra: Got an Election?
The Voter Bra

Politics is boring, especially in Japan where consensus is king. Leave it to triumph to spice things up with The Voter Turnout Liftup Bra! Crafted of silver vinyl, the bra is boldly labeled "ballot box" while the matching skirt is made from ballots. Vote early and often!

3) The Post Office Bra: Love Letters Revisited

The post Office Bra

It's called the "Total Surprise Bra", and I have no idea why. Supposedly the catchy red bustier worn so appealingly by model Yu Misaki was designed to bring attention to previous Prime Minister Koizumi's post office privatization plans. Who?? What?? Exactly... so the bra can only help, right?

4) The Bra Bag: Shop 'til you Droop

The Bra Bag

Take it from Triumph model Erisa Nakayama, plastic bags are wasteful! That's what the little sign affixed to the bikini bottom of The Bag Bra says, at least. So trash those bags and take off your bra - sage advice for shoppers who want to carry home their melons the eco-friendly way! Need more details? Of course you do... check out this YouTube video on The Bra Bag...

5) The Anti-smoking Bra: No Butts Allowed!

The Anti Smoking Bra

According to the creative crew at Triumph, The Anti-smoking Bra "emits a mysterious fragrance designed to kill the desire to smoke." Perhaps the jaw-dropping effect of the bra itself is what really does the trick, however. Is there really a fragrance that turns off the addictive effects of nicotine? Do you really care?

6) "My Chopsticks" Bra: A Feast for the Eyes...

My Chopsticks Bra

The "My Chopsticks" Bra is a tasty little treat that features miso soup and rice bowl cups separated by a chopstick rest. Tucked into one shoulder strap is a pair of collapsible, portable chopsticks. The aim of this appetizing ensemble is to bring awareness to the environmental effects of wood disposable chopsticks. Ok, we're aware... can we eat now?

7) The Birth Rate Decline Bra: Granny sez Make More Babies!

The Birth Rate Decline Bra

8) The Chastity Belt Bra: The Key to Intimacy

The Chastity Belt Bra

Is Triumph giving us mixed messages? First it's like "get intimate", now it's all "lock up the goodies". That's exactly what The Chastity Belt Bra does - it comes with a little gold key that the wearer can present to her guy of choice. Rather romantic, come to think of it. So why is actress/singer/model Aya Ueto acting so, er, horny?

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