Japan Winter Fashion and Trends

Selasa, 30 November 2010

Japan is a country with 4 seasons : Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. At the end of the year, Japan is getting a winter season, and the fashion will change following the winter fashion and trend. Don't ever think Japanese will wear a thick and long short during the winter. The funny thing about Japan is that the short short skirts and shorts don’t come out in summer like you would expect. No, they come out in the winter.

Japan Winter Fashion
Japan Winter Fashion, girl only wearing short skirt

Short Skirts is usually combined with Down Boots. Down Boots is popular today for Japanese girls. The boots are made of the same material of the very known down jacket. Second the users the lightnessof the material and the variety of colors is what make then chose those type of boots, in Japan every teenager wants to be Kawaii and yes they look really cute in their fashion.

Winter Down Boots
 Japan Winter Down Boots

Confuse about choosing the right outfits to wear during winter withoug ignoring the sense of fashion ? Women can enjoy the fresh winter fashion trends for 2010 by checking out her closet and looking for old key pieces that is still very “in” today. One of the fashion tips women should learn is that, they can still use staple winter fashion clothing they used the previous year. This allows them to just mix and match with the new clothes they will buy.

Japan Winter Coat
Japan Winter Coat

The most important thing to wear during winter are stylish cardigan, a coat and a jacket. Choose a long coat or jacket since this will cover your whole upper body and will keep you warmer. For those long walks, remember to wear a hat, scarf and gloves. Scarves are such the perfect accent to your look if you choose a contrasting color. For example, you can wear a black coat, dark trousers and pair it up with a yellow scarf. Winter fashion need not be dull. Spice it up with a little color and you’re ready to go!

Japan Winter Cardigan
Japan Winter Cardigan

Because some places are snowy and very cold, you need winter boots to protect your foot. You can go for heeled boots as long as you are not walking through a road full of snow. Do not waste your signature boots. Keep a snow boots handy just in case you will need them. You should also protect yourself from the numbing coldness of the winter by wearing thermal clothing underneath specially when you’re out and about.

Japan Winter Boots
Japan Winter Boots

Watch Japanese Winter Fashion - Winter Boots video here

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