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Kamis, 05 November 2009

Japan is the fastest growing economy in Asia, but the country still holding a strong traditions. In Japanese Wedding nowadays, the old traditional culturess are still heavily holded. Only a small members of family between the bride and groom are attending the ceremony.

Although Japan now is a modern country, influenced with western style, but Japanese Brides must wear their traditions costumes, The man must be painted white from head to toe as a symbol of purity. The Japanese wedding dress consists of a long white kimono called shiro-maku. Japanese brides also wear their hair in an elaborate traditional style decorated with combs and other accessories. During the Japanese ceremony a hood covers the Japanese brides head to signify that she will be a serene and patient wife.

Japanese brides also carry traditional accessories much like the "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue" of the American wedding. They carry a small, sack-like purse, known as hakoseko, and a delicate sheathed dagger, called a kaiken.

Some photos of Japanese wedding gown, or Japanese Wedding Dress, including the kimono styles, western gown styles, or pre wedding in Japanese Styles.

japan wedding gown
Japan Wedding Gown

japan wedding gown

japan kimono wedding

japan kimono wedding
Japan Kimono for wedding dress

japan bridal dress
Japan Bridal Dress

japan hello kitty wedding gown
Japan Hello Kitty Wedding Gown

japan hello kitty wedding gown
Japan Style Pre Wedding

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